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  1. Sigma v2.11.03 is out: support for ZTE Avea inTouch 4
  2. Sigma Software v.2.10.01 released!
  3. SigmaKey Software v2.02.04 is out!
  4. Sigma Software v2.00.00 released! Long awaited Motorola smartphones update!
  5. SigmaKey Software v1.35.07 is out.
  6. Sigma Software v1.35.06 released.
  7. MT6572 ime rebuild done by Sigma .........
  8. Sigma Software v1.33.01 released! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!
  9. Sigma Software v1.31.05
  10. Sigma Software v1.30.08 released. New line of ZTE Android smartphones added
  11. i phone 4 mtk6573 iem write prob.
  12. Sigma Software v1.30.06 - Less Words, More Action!
  13. Sigma Software v1.30.01 released. Acer Iconia Smart S300 and more...
  14. Sigma Software v1.30.00 is out. Acer Liquid MT S120 and much more...
  15. Sigma Software v1.29.04 released. Bmobile QW130 and more phones from South America
  16. Sigma Software v1.29.03 is out. New Season Started.
  17. Sigma Software v1.28.05. New Acer series added
  18. Sigma Software v1.28.03. New Alcatel models in the Calculator via IMEI.
  19. Sigma Software v1.28.02. Added Direct Unlock for two new ZTE tablets and more...
  20. Sigma Software v1.28.01. Alcatel OT-7025D, OT-8008 and more...
  21. Sigma Software v1.28.00.Support for Alcatel OT-4XXX,OT-5XXX,OT-60XX and much more...
  22. Sigma Software v1.27.02 is out. A family of Acer phones added
  23. Sigma Software v1.27.01 is out. ZTE AC30, MF30 and more
  24. Sigma Software v1.27.00 is out! 40+ new models added
  25. SigmaKey Software v1.26.02
  26. SigmaKey Software v1.26.00 is out! Are you ready for the huge Qualcomm update?
  27. post hear all unlock imei repair with sigmadey
  28. Sigma Software v1.25.05 is out! Please welcome ZTE V880G, V889F, V955 and more!
  29. Sigma Software v1.25.02 is out! Added support for new ZTE Android devices and more!
  30. Sigma Software v1.20.04 released! ZTE T96 Added First in the World! And much more!