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View Full Version : Fenix Key v.0.9.7 - Unlock Nokia BB5/BB5+ via USB (relased)

12-13-2010, 12:08
Fenix Key HOT update released. Unlock BB5/BB5+ phones using standard USB cables.

What's new?

- Unlocking BB5/BB5+ RAP3Gv3 mobiles via USB added - first and unique in the world. Fenix generates NCK codes and send them to phone automatically or you can send them on your own. For devices that have bloked NCK input counter you can use Unlock via RPL option.

- Repairing simlock area in BB5/BB5+ phones - added

- time to say goodbye FBUS cables
- time to say goodbye connections problem
- time to sat goodbye resisatnce problem
- time to say goodbye Local/Test mode problem
- time to say goodbye at wasting time to find a cable
- time to say for customer "yes we can do it now" instead or "please wait few days we don't have a cable"

So i think you ask me what you need now ? I answer you:

- Fenix Key
- 3 USB cables

More information: Fenix Key v0.9.7 relased UNLOCK BB5/BB5+ via USB FIRST ON THE WORLD ([Only registered and activated users can see links]********************************************************************************************************************************************656/fenix-key-v0-9-7-relased-unlock-bb5-bb5-via-usb-first-world-1162976/)