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Ford 5000 / 6000 in LOCK13 supported by RCD or RCD PRO

Martech Team presents next version of LOCK13 Tools, this time for Ford 5000 / 6000 / 7000.
Application works on Martech Clip with RCD or RCD PRO activation.

LOCK10/13 for radios based on MC68HC11PA8

Hardware required:
- Martech CLIP with RCD or RCD PRO activation
- Wires for making connection from cpu test points
- 12V Power Supply

Radios based on this CPU can be repaired via following ways:
- by connecting to CPU testpoints on radio pcb
- by connecting to service connector which is placed on the rear wall of the radio

Due to the stability and effectiveness of combination we suggest a connection to the TXD / RXD signals, located directly on the motherboard.
Test points are located underneath the radio and on the other side - near the main processor unit.

CLIP we connect directly to the radio, using three cables to the points located on the underside of the radio, according to the scheme:

- Clip PORT1.4> TXD - test point, shown at left
- Clip PORT1.5> RXD - test point, shown at right
- Clip PORT 1.7> GND - left side of capacitor

In the event that the board had other pinout, in general it should be connected as follows:
- Clip PORT1.4> TXD PIN1 of radio processor
- Clip PORT1.5> RXD PIN64 of radio processor

Example of connection of the CPU side:

The second way the servicing of these models is the connection to the test pins on the connector, located between the power connector and the speaker connector.

Please connect directly to the radio CLIP with three wires, according to the scheme:

- Clip PORT1.4 > TXD fifth pin connector (from top)
- Clip PORT1.5 > RXD sixth pin connector (from top)
- Clip PORT1.7 > GND (eg at the GND pin power connector)

Check example video :
YouTube - Ford Lock10 Lock13 Remover with Martech CLIP

Download it:
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