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Eubox samsung exclusive update inside

Samsung S8000 Easy Unlocker Online Code Reader (v1.1) . HOT Xmas Cold Weather (03-12-2010)

  • Hello to users :

    After many time researching on new phone models we reached the best way and most easy way you ever seen for unlock new phones :
    Just need original cable inside of box and samsung latest kies drivers installed.

    We were improving speed and communications in some old models like :

    S3650W, S3653C, S3650M, S3650O, S3653M, S3653W, S5233W, S5230S, S5233T, S5233G,
    S5233C, S7070C, S7070M, S7070R, S7070W, S3650, S3650C, S3650H, S3653, S5230,
    S5230C, S5230G, S5230W, S5230Y, S5233, S5233A, S5233S, S6700, S6700T, S6703,
    S6703T, S7120, S7120U, S7350C, S7350E, S7350F, S7350H, S7350i, S7520U, S8300H, S8300J, S8300N, S8300V

    And we were adding WORLD 1st FEATURE code READING with :


    for some models

    * Time for reading locks of the phone is around 5 seconds
    ( ALL NETWORK codes and UNFREEZE code)

    * Read user code without flashing
    * Auto add new phone model to the server if is not supported
    * Windows vista and windows 7 (R) support

    Here you have personally tested models but list can grow cause this new method is very generic
    and can support a lot of more models thats were not in our hands

    - S8000
    - S8003
    - S8000M
    - S8000L
    - S8000T

    *** FULL WAVE FAMILLY for all OPERATORS and all FIRMWARE versions ***

    - S8500 WAVE
    - S8530 WAVE 2
    - S7230 TOCCO LITE WAVE 723
    - S7230E TOCCO LITEWAVE 723
    - S5330 WAVE 2 PRO
    - S5250 WAVE 2
    - S5253

    ** And some more models without caring of version or operator phone ***

    - S3370
    - S3370E
    - S5510
    - S5510T

    Some more models are under testing...

    To avoid mistakes :

    Please note : Unlock some model will require credits, please visit our page to be sure : and choose samsung CLICK HERE

    Example :
    S8530 phone : WAVE 2 cost 16 eub credits

    1 eub credit : 0.20 euro without buy quantity.

    So without damage phone, without flashing, without patching and in less than 5 seconds
    read codes will cost you : 3.2 euro

    Choice is your ...
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