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ORT-JTAG - HOT Models added , Nice Gift inside

[13 DEC 2010]

Description :
  • Huawei C2829 (CDMA) Repair Dead Boot
  • ZTE C370 (CDMA) Repair Dead Boot
  • Samsung SGH-i560 PDA / Modem Repair Dead Boot (thx to chimed09)
  • Amoi Skype S1 Repair Dead Boot (thx to naveed74)
  • ORT Plus V1.07
  • New Year Offer Descriptions
What's New in ORT Plus V1.07 ?
  • QSC 1100 CPU Support added
  • ST Flash Support added
  • Huawei C2829 Supported

Released Stuffs :
  • Huawei C2829 JTAG Pinout
  • Huawei C2829 Dump
  • Huawei C2829 Boot Only
  • Huawei C2829 Instructions
  • ZTE C370 JTAG Pinout
  • ZTE C370 Dump
  • ZTE C370 Instructions
  • Samsung SGH-i560 JTAG Pinout
  • Samsung SGH-i560 Dump
  • Samsung SGH-i560 SM
  • Samsung SGH-i560 Instructions
  • Samsung GT-S5510 Dump
  • Samsung GT-S5510 Instructions
  • Samsung GT-S3370 RAW Dump
  • Samsung GT-S3370 Instructions
  • Samsung SGH-i900 PDA PUIC2 Dump
  • Samsung SGH-i900 PDA XHIA1 Dump
  • LG KC910i JTAG Pinouts [Fix]
  • Amoi Skype S1 Boot
  • Amoi SKype S1 JTAG Pinout
  • Amoi SKype S1 JTAG Instructions
  • ORT Plus v1.07

Need a Hand ?
Contact me if you have ORT-JTAG and following dead phones in Hand
ORT-JTAG New Year Offer

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New Year Offer for a Limited time - Join

ORT is a Real JTAGger's choice

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