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Introducing The New ATF Lightning!!

Introducing the new ATF Lightning.

ATF Team's Latest Hardware Redesigned in a Very Big Way.

Weighing only 25 grams, this Lightweight Box packs the Speed and Power you need to support all the Newest Nokia Phones in the Market.

It is currently the Smallest and Lightest Box in the GSM Market. But when it comes to Speed... It's Lightning Fast!

Technically Speaking, it differs not from it's Bigger Brother the Advance Turbo Flasher. Utilizing the same breed of Flash-Based FPGAs, ATF Lightning inherits the Speed and Precision of it's Big Brother making it the second High-Speed USB 2.0 480 mbps Box in the GSM Market. It can also provide more Power without the need of supplementary external sources. ATF Lightning makes it easy for power hungry phones to enter Local Mode. It has tested and proven itself when faced with Power Hungry N95-8GB, N95
and E90 Phones.

If you are Serious about your work... ATF Team is Serious about their Products.

No other GSM Box has ever been so meticulously designed requiring Six separate plastic moldings to achieve total manufacturing precision. It sets the benchmark on how upcoming GSM Boxes should be made. It is the New Masterpiece and the only one of it's kind...

With the Advanced Electronic Technology and Aesthetics, ATF Lightning marks a milestone in the GSM Market and it makes the Dream of Speed come true.

ATF Lightning is simply amazing!!
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