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Martech VSZ2 new update 14.09.2010

VSZ2 Service Tools: new versions in support

Latest update brings new boots supported in:
- Huawei T156, G1157
- ZTE A316G+
- fixed communication over ftdi/com port

This is continuation of VSZ Tools, of course free of charge for existing VSZ users.
Works on VSZ activation, no need extra payment for this.

Main function is UnLocking following brands: Vodafone, Sagem, ZTE, Huawei, SFR etc.

UnLock works standalone, no logs or credits is needed.
VSZ uses comunication over com port, it can works with various FTDI devices you have in hands.

How to check if your phone is supported ?
- run Tool, choose com port
- put phone to Test Mode
(take battery off, push * and # on keyboard, put battery, push power on for few seconds)
- click on Read Info, in case of "This phone is not supported" send us phone details from log window to
- if phone is supported then use Unlock button and follow with screen instructions

Olders phones can be made unlocked with this version too !

Download it:

Please contact if you will have not supported phone in hands.

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