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15/09/2010 CycloneBox SL3 Max 48 Hours Ready!!

our servers and system is upgraded now. Queue is opened, however with some limited amount of slots.
After successfull phone upload maximum turnaround is 48 hours, usually may be after 5 minutes or so like this.
When all slots are busy, you will get message about this. Just keep tryin', because after one finished phone in queue (5-30min), user can upload a new one.

Stay tuned, ORANGE power is here waiting for explosion... and we don't need use big font, he he, we even don't need use any font, we just need release updates [IMG]http://**************************************************************************************************************/ubb/wink.gif[/IMG]

PS. Please don't try contact me on PM or Sonork, i didn't use it anymore (yet).
Only way to contact me for now is ICQ, im too busy with new things to visit forum and reply 50 PMs a day. Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,
Cyclone Team
Dhaka Mobile Team
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