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ATF 5.90 Update!! 27 OCT 10!!

AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher v5.90

Change Logs:
  • New BB5 Loader Package Version
  • DCT4 RPL DATA1 is Backuped Automatically in First Instance of "Scan Phone"
  • Security Code read attempt during "Scan Phone"
  • Read Phone Mode on "Scan Phone"
  • Read Dynamic Camera Configuration on "Scan Phone"
  • Full Logs option for Booting BB5
  • Fixed DCT4 Local Mode on Live DCT4 Phones when First Connected to Box
  • Fixed DCT4 Long Boot
  • Autodetect and Autoswitch Between BB5 and DCT4 Products according to
Phone Connected
  • Software will always select the Highest Firmware available on your PC
  • Manual and Auto Detect of VCCIO Levels
  • Support for DCT4 "ini" Files which are older than DP Version 2.0
  • Quick Fix for SL1/SL2 Downgrade Fix
  • Fixed Default Directories for Manually Adding Flash Files
  • File System Format for BB5 Phones
  • Corrected SL3 Type Simlock Reading on Buscheck
  • Shows Deep Scan Info for BB5 Phones
  • Local Storage for Unique ID's Read from Supported Phones
  • Manual Erase Flash for BB5 Phones (NOR or NAND + CMT or APE)
  • Infineon New Loader Support
  • Fixed FBUS UART Reading/Writing with Better Timing
  • Improved Speed for BB5 USB Flashing on RAPUYAMA, RAP3Gv4 and
BroadCom Phones
  • New Phone Connectivity Drivers Included
  • Dynamic Camera Configuration Reading and Writing Fixed for non standard DCC Files
Who will buy this if you can get more in ATF?

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