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answer: Solution of identify nokia phone shorting

check shoting in nokia 1110,1110i,1112,1600,2610,2310,2626......

1..remove this resistance mark in (1)..if u want to check the light ic is some sets this resistance is not present if it is not present then u have to remove light ic to check shoting is gone or not......

2..remove resistance r2160 mark in (2)..if u want to check the shoting cause by n2160 (speaker ic).....because this ic also got +b from batery......

3..remove ringer ic mark in (3)..if u want to check shoting remove it and check if shoting is gone replace it because ringer ic also got +b volt from battery....

4..remove the pf ic n7700 mark in (4)...if u want to check this ic is short remove it and check shoting...if it is shot then replace it... end check the power ic d2200 mark in (4) and reemove it to check shoting is there or not...{be careful it is pasted}......

all the component which are mark in pink colur these all are coils these are place in series and +b of batery is gone throw them so if u remove the coil u not have to remove ic to check the shorting in pcb it save time and ur ic ....

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