Make sure you device has unlocked bootloader before proceeding

root access was achieved on the device just a few days after its release but the method required unlocked bootloader

  • Verizon Moto X
  • AT&T Moto X
  • Sprint Moto X
  • US Cellular Moto X
  • Rogers Moto X

install [Login or Register to see links. ] on your computer

Download the correct version of MotoRoot app depending on your carrier
#Filename differs per firmware, get MotoRoot-1-att.apk for AT&T, MotoRoot-1-vzw.apk for Verizon, etc the -r paramenter is required if installing with adb adb install -r <filename>
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Download [Login or Register to see links. ] and extract
Copy MotoRoot apk file to the Android SDK Fastboot-ADB folder.Make sure you have set up ADB on your computer
Open this folder and launch command prompt from inside the folder. If you have a Windows PC, press the Shift button followed by a right click on mouse. From the list of options, select “Open command prompt here”

adb install -r MotoRoot1.1-Verizon.apk
in the cmd window (replace the apk name in bold with that of the one you have downloaded) and hit the Enter key.

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app will now be installed on your phone
Run MotoRoot app
Press Setup
Install [Login or Register to see links. ] app
Phone will reboot, and you will be rooted as soon as device is fully booted.

Uninstalling the app will disable root until reinstalled
supersu is not able to update su yet, this will be fixed in an update shortly.
su is maintained in a ext4 img at /data/xbin.img and mounted over /system/xbin at BOOT_COMPLETE.
su is not available for the first few seconds of boot, im working on this.
/system is write protected, even with unlocked bootloaders you can not write to it while booted in Android.

Two choices, factory reset, or press the unroot menu option in the app.

Moto X Root (Locked Bootloader):

It does not require an unlocked bootloader to work. The method works with all Moto X variants mentioned in compatibility list above. The method is pretty much the same as described above.