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Mobile phone recommendation with RE-7500

RE -7500 Set up for small PCB (source Support of Jovy Systems)


4 units of small PCB supporters JV-SSU (Why? to make complete close loop for application , and concentrate the heat power without any loss by the main PCB holders)

1 unit of upper heater reflector JV-UR20 (why? to make a window to focus the heating power only for the IC , which is small and have neighbor components)

Fast process to eliminate the heat stress over the PCB:-
  • power the lower heater in fast re-flow and upper in fast re-flow for, it is needed to use the machine in software (you can not heat the upper heater in park mode!) it is take from 3 to 5 minutes , and not include in the process.
  • upper heater level in 2.5 or 2 (in this distance you can not remove or solder any component it is very narrow , you have to keep this in mind)
  • T/C (thermocouple) placed as near as possible to the component, T/C diameter is 1.00mm no much free-space could be suitable, so try to find any metal frame near by the component (temperature tolerance is +5 degrees to be used. (I am using Omega wire thermo couple GG-K-24 with the machine for mobile PCB not the original one tolerance +10 degrees and stick it with kapton tape)
  • machine settings for whole process (it is not a profile or standard process it is Fast process guide line!)
    Upper heater in fast re-flow
    lower heater in preheat
    upper heater level 2.5 (or 2 for faster process , 1 for very fast process and for only small components)
    end temperature for lead free is 220 for Tin/lead is 190 ( yes over 10 degrees than standard) , the Tin/lead temperature guide is for lead free IC re-balled with Tin/lead solder paste.

Please post here your comments after trying with mobile models.
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Re: Mobile phone recommendation with RE-7500

i saw your tips on the website. I need some help how to start with jovy for mobile, but very big help sdcb. i have the jovy about 5 month but i dont know how to use it
if you can give me some support that would be very cool from you

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answer: Mobile phone recommendation with RE-7500

Plz suggest me best brand of flux tell me any seller .now i use ppd brand
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Mobile phone recommendation with RE 7500

Not sure if youve already bought it, but to follow up on one of the comparisons above: cemper93
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