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:::::::::Chinese Tablet Android Rom::::::::::







(3 files are there: AL003 Flash sofeware2012-007-27.rar / IRULU_Reboot Software sun4i_crane_t02a_0524.rar / Reboot Tool TF card reboot tool PhoenixCardV306_20120302.rar)
Then you have (what I believe are) the instructions for these tools:

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[ROM] JellyBean for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra and other P10AN01 clone

There are 2 methods of installation. There is a CWM recovery flashable ZIP and a NVFlash file.

I realy recommend flashing VegaBean the first time with the NVFlash version.

Before installing any version, you have to make sure that you have a SDCard that has the correct partition layout:
- First partition is a primary partition formatted as FAT32
- Second partition is a primary partition formatted as EXT4
EXT4 is a linux filesystem so you will need a program that can handle Linux filesystems when you are using Windows.

Before installing the ZIP file make sure that:
- You have the correct partition layout (if you have Vega***** installed, you have the correct layout, if not then use the NVFlash installer. This will repartition your internal memory))
- Copy the ZIP file to your SD-Card
- Boot into Recovery
- Install the ZIP file from your SDCard
- After installing reboot the tablet.

- WiFi
- Bluetooth (Tested with a A2DP headset)
- Camera
- HDMI including audio
- 3G (only fro the Huawei internal modem, usb modems may work)
- GPS not tested by me, but some say it kind of works.


Please do *NOT* use Link2SD anymore. You do not need it. With the INT2EXT script, your apps will install on SDCard by default. Just make sure you have 2 primary partition. First partition *MUST* be a FAT32 partition. The second partition *SHOULD* be EXT4. When upgrading from a previous version, make sure your EXT partition is empty / reformatted. Also when using the NVflash version !!!

CWM-ZIP: VegaBean-RC2-Update.zip

[Beta 6]

CWM-version: VegaBean-Beta6-120dpi-Apex.zip
NVFlash-version: VegaBean-Beta6-NVFlash.exe

[Beta 5]

CWM-version: VegaBean-Beta5-120dpi-Apex.zip
NVFlash version: VegaBean-Beta5-NVFlash.exe

[Test Beta 3-1]

Stripped version: VegaBean-Beta3-1-stripped.zip

NVFlash versions by legionnaire: Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

[Beta 3]

CWM versions:
Full version : VegaBean-Beta3-120dpi-Apex.zip
Stripped version : VegaBean-Beta3-stripped.zip

[Beta 2.2]
CWM versions:
Full version : VegaBean-Beta2.2-120dpi-Apex.zip
Stripped version : VegaBean-Beta2.2-stripped.zip

NVFlash versions:
Full version: removed
Stripped version: removed

[Beta 2]
CWM zip file: VegaBean-Beta2-120dpi-Apex.zip

[Beta 1]
CWM zip file: VegaBean-Beta1-120dpi-Apex.zip

[Alpha 3]
CWM zip file : Link removed

Here is alpha 2: VegaBean-Alpha2-120dpi-Apex.zip
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Flexiview FV-1 Android 2.2 TV Box - Uberoid Alpha

Baserom: 154801_FW_U110781_1203161.zip

Download: Flexiview_FV-1_Uberoid_Alpha.7z 98MB

- CORTEX A8 core, Samsung S5PV210, frequency up to 1GHz
- VI6131
- 512MB RAM
- Built-in 2G memory space
- Android2.2 operating system
- Built-in WiFi module, can be do a wireless network connection
- RJ45 interface for wired network connection
- Support 1080P video playback
- HDMI video output, connect to Hi-definition television through the interface, and to play high-definition video
- USBinterface for connecting high-capacity mobile hard disk
- USBinterface for connecting a mouse and keyboard to operate the box
- Support weather, calendar and desktop clock tool
- Support wireless Bluetooth keyboard
- Bluetooth File Transfer
- Support for 2.4G wireless remote control operation
- Support FLASH PLAYER 10.1, available online play video
- Support for music playback, photo browsing, and enjoy more family entertainment
- SD card expansion

- added Google Play Store 3.5.15 (formerly known as the Google Market)
- added su bin
- modified build.prop to spoof a Samsung Galaxy S II
- disabled auto updates
- changed boottext
- removed facebook
- removed google maps 5.5.0
- updated youtube to 2.3.4
- removed air control lite
- removed streetview for google maps
- removed quickoffice trail

HowTo flash:
- Extract the OSK from the 7z
- Copy it to a SD:\UpdateKit\ (so you will have SD:\UpdateKit\android.osk)
NOTE: UpdateKit has a capitol "U" and capitol "K"!
- On the FV-1 box, go to "Settings"
- Once in "Settings", go to "Update System"
- Confirm the next screen by pressing "Next"
- You are asked if you would like to perform a backup, if you would like to do so press "continue", else just "skip"
- Before starting the update, you are instructed not to disconnect the power supply or remove the memory card during the update. Press "Start" to begin the upgrade.
- At this stage the update (android.osk) will be processed, after a while, you are prompted to restart the box, confirm with "OK".
- The FV-1 will restart and the update will be installed, after a few minutes the green LED ready indicator flashes, the update is then complete!
- Disconnect the power supply and remove the SD.
- Connect the power supply, the first boot will take a few mins, then the upgrade is complete.

Download: Flexiview_FV-1_Uberoid_Alpha.7z 98MB
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