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There may be able to win Lui Ming, anyone can lose his only not lose

To almost the full field of boos gave the home team,[FONT=Times New Roman]]cheap hockey jerseys, of course, there is also mixed with some American curse, Jonny Flynn ran one that appeared on the screen inside the Côte an Rambis naturally became the primary attack target. In their looks, is with Jonny Flynn and his gang one. There's even the fans want to handle things inside the drop down, you can next to the security, they temporarily put this idea to hiding, but they do not ask for money spittle condemning and smashed down.

Côte an Rambis watched court case, immediately dingy with his team quickly returned to the players channel, to return to their locker room. When they returned to the locker room, Jonny Flynn had to stay in the locker room.

"That thing is how is it!" Cote a Rambis is not a good temper, which returned good, the whole world knows Lui Ming injured thing, so just come in, look Côte an Rambis the front of Jonny Flynn on a gas is not one to play.

Jonny Flynn pointed roared loudly, heard roar. Jonny Flynn also roared.

"You ask me, I also asked How about you, [FONT=Times New Roman]]wholesale authentic nfl jerseys,are you not saying that settle it?" Jonny Flynn knows one between the players Dudou bullfighting style, which is the league and not allowed. But even if sometimes struggles, it does not matter, the exposure is fine money Bale. But bullfighting. Also under the black hand underhand. By the way, let the other injured heavier. This is what the fine money may not get away with things.

Jonny Flynn Timberwolves need now, while Jonny Flynn also need a Timberwolves, it's that simple.

"Knock it off, think about the following game how to do it!" Watching Johnny Flynn and like a cockfight, like standing there, glaring at each other, as the team leader, El a Jefferson had to stand up at this time, to settle them.

"The game how to do? Are you asking me this time? Each other's morale has been pressure is not down, you're not strong Lui Ming did not see, and now you ask me how to do, give me to continue to fight! Losing the league anyone rows just can not lose to the Wizards! " know. The usual time the two teams may also be playing the tacit ball, in the case of absolute leader, put the drain and the like, as long as the outcome has been determined, the game play is pretty indifferent to the number, but now it? How can there be so simple.

Lui Ming thing was picked up, [FONT=Times New Roman]]authentic nfl jerseys,and now the same can be said Wizards enemy Kai, that's their boss, even to beat Lu Ming ass, they will attack the death-defying, death-defying defense, and their side Inside the team's chief coach also played point guard and conflict, the team which was not actually mind, is not in a state of full on, you want to win, how to win?

By this time back to the locker room Lui Ming, did not say anything back to the locker room sitting next to a chair, cover the towel directly to their head, and he now feels there are some things not quite right, Union seems to be staged today knew that out of this, or else it will not be prepared in advance so many things, Lui Ming suddenly have a feeling of being taken advantage of.

"Do not think too much, we will help you to take revenge!" And then walked over toward Lu Ming Sanders said, especially in the "revenge on the word. Lui Ming heard the words of Sanders , lifted his head, his eyes again gather up, ah, he is to take revenge, even if it is being used, then what, now is not the time to think these things!

Kai with the enemy, after that? Johnny will be how to deal with it? Please also continue to focus on tomorrow! , As more information on how funeral, please visit muscle sections more. Support, and supporting positive!

Two hundred and fourth chapter siege

There are the words of the world, [FONT=Times New Roman]]authentic nfl jerseys,applause rewarded. Evil with evil, not the Sun Bureau times, ten thousand times yet to come, there is a word. Called mad, ten years late. While those things are nonsense, but if Jonny Flynn know in faraway China has two words, he will understand their situation today are made out of their practice, according to Buddhist's words, anything is causal, and now Ben Ni Fulin is to get fruit, and this fruit is faith was hit again and again.

Lui Ming is not a gentleman, and he can not wait ten years revenge, he told the secular newspaper, this year he has come back with a group of cowboys, became a team leader, although now internal and external teams, but in this he looks after all a team, compared to the Timberwolves, this ball overcast although there are discordant voices, but much less.

Lui Ming looked at before Jonny Flynn spread my arms, tightly guarding the front of the place, Lui Ming know, Jonny Flynn this one. Guy has not much patience, and indeed this one. Guy and did not wait for his teammates completely settled down, it has been started, they rushed toward Lui Ming Lu Ming where is so good punch, with a stiff chest a block, then directly to Jonny Flynn to a block down, and next to a referee are staring Johnny Flynn, at his elbow and shoulder, there is no action, if any, even if Lui Ming does not fall, he shall blow Jonny Flynn a foul , referees are people too sympathetic.

Jonny Flynn is an obvious now condemned, wholesale nfl jerseys,people are cursing, but not in truth so that his heart is there more fire, more fire do the action, the greater, the greater the action is easy to be a foul, a foul , his head on the heat, this is a vicious circle.

There are blood very well. But have a look at this place right blood, blood Qinifulin now obviously overdone.

Looked Lui Ming, Jonny Flynn does not compromise a, although he now always frustrated, but he looks like he have a chance.

There may be able to win Lui Ming, anyone can lose his only not lose that Lui Ming Lu Ming also With the same idea, two people hit a go, but now regardless of skill or physical, Lui Ming are overwhelming.

Jonny Flynn and then how to get rid of it completely is no way to get rid of Lui Ming entanglement made several consecutive feint, have been Lui Ming see through, and had to jump shot, but Lui Ming big hand has his first step in the ball on the line, but also a big hat, which already is a Johnny Flynn Lui Ming give a second big hat, you know Lui Ming usual cap is not very powerful.

Although he put the value added is not low, Nike elite nfl jerseys,but his height limits Lui Ming cap, but now Lui Ming is very nice reward of Jonny Flynn two a big hat, which also jump to life with Lui Ming For, when a person do not want to cover another life when a person, just the momentum you can let Jonny Flynn half a beat slower action, plus he is now head fever, action and half a beat slower, And Lui Ming takes advantage of the calm myself anger, two blocks are like this.

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