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FAQ - Direct EMMC connect in pictures! Please stop ask again "HOW CONNECT"

FAQ - DIRECT EMMC connect in pictures!! DONT ASK MORE!



Q - If i not have Adapter can i connect to EMMC direct on boart?
A - YES. But need use 2 external power.


Q - Why i need use double voltage?
A - VCC - power of NAND memory inside eMMC (can be 2.8 - 3.3V)
VCCQ - power of internal emmc controller. (can be 1.8 - 2.8V) (need setup vccq in sw same with real voltage)


Q - Do i need connect anything else to phone PCB ?


Q - Can i repair EMMC CHIP (suddenly dead phones)
A - NO. AT THIS moment you cant repair EMMC. But we work on solution for update internal emmc firmware. May be ... who know.


Q - Can i repair Suddenly dead phones.
A - Yes. If something was erased in EMMC CHIP.


Q - Can i repair boot on phone with disable JTAG?
A - Yes you can. (N7100,I9300 boot inside ROM2, after write ROM2 phones back to work)


Q - Can i repair dead phones I9082, i9105, S6810P with disabled JTAG, after touch ROM2.
A -YES you can. Just need write ROM2 via EMMC direct connection.


Q - Where i can take EMMC DIRECT connection pinout on BOARD?
A - Tested EMMC direct connect pinout we uploading to EMMC pinout under phone folder name on support.


Q - How can i find byself EMMC pinout.
A - Yes you can most of emmc have same pinouts. Need desolder EMMC and find where go 5 pins. CMD,CLK, DAT0, VCC,VCCQ


Q - What phones supported by EMMC Tool.
A - Supported any phones for READ/WRITE based on known EMMC. At this moment we support most of known EMMC.
HERE list of EMMC based samsung:


Q - Known Error and Problems:

Correct data: ------------------------------------------------------------------Wrong log: --------------------------------------------------------WHAT TO DO:

My log Loading eMMC Addon Firmware...
CMD Pullup Level:1691 mV --------------------------------------------CMD Pullup Level: 907 mV----------------check BAD power lines, vccq may be low or zero
CMD Active Level:2289 mV--------------------------------------------CMD Active Level:1679 mV----------------check BAD power lines, vccq may be low or zero
EMMC CID 15010056545530304D008456646B7F1D
EMMC CSD D02701320F5903FFF6DBFFFF8E40406D
EMMC Manufactorer ID: 15
EMMC Date: 07/2012 FW rev.0x0 HW rev.0x0
EMMC Serial #: 2220254315
EMMC NAME: VTU00M-----------------------------------------------------EMMC NAME: 000000-------------------------bad emmc, at this moment only replace
EMMC Capacity: 15028 MB (High Density Card)

-------------------------------------------------------------------Writing 20000000 bytes to 00000000 ...ROM1-----------1. Problem with GND (should be strong wire)
-------------------------------------------------------------------eMMC ACK Error at addr:0x0-----------------------------2. BAD emmc
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. BAD power wires

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 (16GB),
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (I9500/16GB),
  • Samsung I9300 GALAXY SIII (Unicom Edition),
  • Samsung I9100 GALAXY SII (16GB),
  • Samsung I9003 GALAXY SII (16GB),
  • Samsung I9300 GALAXY SIII (International Edition, 16 Гб),
  • Samsung Galaxy i9220,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note N7102 II (32GB / Unico),
  • Samsung W2013, Samsung S7568 ,
  • Samsung I9300 GALAXY SIII (International Edition, 32 Гб),
  • Samsung W999, Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 32G,
  • Samsung S7572,
  • Samsung E120LGalaxy SII HD LTE
  • Samsung W899,
  • Samsung I9268, Samsung S7562i (Galaxy S Duos),
  • Samsung GALAXY Пр****************************************мечан****************************************е II N719 ,
  • Samsung I879,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7102 (16GB / dual),
  • Samsung Galxy Note III,
  • Samsung Galaxy i9220 Пр****************************************мечан****************************************е (белый),
  • Samsung I939D GALAXY SIII (двойной верс******************************************************************************** карт),
  • Samsung GALAXY Пр****************************************мечан****************************************е II N7108 (моб****************************************льная верс****************************************я),
  • Samsung I9308 GALAXY SIII (моб****************************************льная верс****************************************я),
  • Samsung B9388, Samsung I8262D (GALAXY Dous),
  • Samsung I8190 GALAXY SIII Mini (16GB),
  • Samsung I9070 Galaxy S (8GB),
  • Samsung I9100 GALAXY SII ( белый),
  • Samsung I8190 GALAXY SIII Mini (8 Гб),
  • Samsung i9100G (GALAXY SII),
  • Samsung I8552 (Galaxy Win),
  • Samsung I9108 (GALAXY SII),
  • Samsung B9120 (ус****************************************л****************************************тель II),
  • Samsung I8750 (ATIV S/16GB),
  • Samsung I9105P (GALAXY SII Plus),
  • Samsung I9305 (GALAXY SIII LTE),
  • Samsung I939 GALAXY SIII (Telecom верс********************************************************************************),
  • Samsung I9260 GALAXY премьера (16GB),
  • Samsung I8160 (Galaxy Ace 2),
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (I9508 / Mobile)
  • Samsung N7105 (Galaxy Note II LTE),
  • Samsung I699 (GALAXY Trend),
  • Samsung I9260 GALAXY премьера (8GB),
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (I959 / Телеком верс********************************************************************************),
  • Samsung I929 (GALAXY SII DUO),
  • Samsung I9050,
  • Samsung I9228, Samsung I9103 (Galaxy R),
  • Samsung I909 (Galaxy S),
  • Samsung I779,
  • Samsung I8250,
  • Samsung I8150 (Galaxy W),
  • Samsung I919 (GALAXY S DUOS),
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (I9505 / Quad / 4G верс****************************************я),
  • Samsung I8258,
  • Samsung I919U (GALAXY S Duos),
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (I9500/32GB),
  • Samsung I8530 (Galaxy Beam),
  • Samsung B9062,
  • Samsung S6358 (Galaxy Ace Уважае********************************************************************************е),
  • Samsung I9018 (Galaxy S),
  • Samsung I619 (Galaxy Ace Уважае********************************************************************************е),
  • Samsung I809 (Galaxy S),
  • Samsung N8000 (Galaxy Note 10.1),
  • Samsung i9200 (Galaxy Mega 6.3/16GB),
  • Samsung i9200 (Galaxy Mega 6.3/8GB),
  • Samsung S7500 (Galaxy Ace Plus),
  • Samsung I9208 (Galaxy Mega 6.3),
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5100/3G + WiFi),
  • Samsung E210S (GALAXY SIII),
  • Samsung I535 (GALAXY SIII),
  • Samsung D710 (Эп****************************************ческая сенсорный 4G),
  • Samsung I759,
  • Samsung I9150 (Galaxy 5.8 Mega ),
  • Samsung S6352 (Galaxy Ace родного)
  • Samsung S7508 (Galaxy Ace Plus),
  • Samsung S5698 (Galaxy Xcover),
  • Samsung S7530 (OMNIA M),
  • Samsung GALAXY SIII (TD-LTE верс****************************************я),
  • Samsung I659 (Galaxy Ace Plus),
  • Samsung I717 (Galaxy Note),
  • Samsung I9300 GALAXY SIII (International Edition, 64 Гб),
  • Samsung I9020 (Nexus S),
  • Samsung GALAXY SII i9100G (Tencent верс********************************************************************************),
  • Samsung I9220 Galaxy Note (Extreme Edition),
  • Samsung S6108 (Galaxy Y POP)
  • Samsung I9023 (Nexus S),
  • Samsung I8558 (Galaxy Win),
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 (16 Гб верс****************************************я),
  • Samsung S7530E (OMNIA M),
  • Samsung B5330 (Galaxy Chat),
  • Samsung I8730 (Galaxy Express),
  • Samsung I9205 (Galaxy Mega 6,3),
  • Samsung I747 (GALAXY SIII),
  • Samsung I9070 Galaxy S (16GB),
  • Samsung I339,
  • Samsung I9100 GALAXY SII (32GB),
  • Samsung I9100 GALAXY SII (Unicom Edition),
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (I9500/64GB),
  • Samsung I519, Samsung E110S (Celox),
  • Samsung I667 (Фокус 2),
  • Samsung I9210 (Galaxy SII LTE),
  • Samsung S6500D,
  • Samsung T889 (Galaxy Note II),
  • Samsung I727 (Galaxy SII ус****************************************л****************************************тся),
  • Samsung I8750 (ATIV S/32GB)
  • Samsung S5300 (Galaxy карманные),
  • Samsung i9088 (Galaxy S),
  • Samsung L710 GALAXY SIII (двухъядерные верс********************************************************************************),
  • Samsung I9080 (GALAXY Гранд),
  • Samsung T989 (Hercules),
  • Samsung S6812i,
  • Samsung B5510 (GALAXY Y Pro),
  • Samsung I777 (С****************************************нга),
  • Samsung S6500 (Galaxy Mini 2),
  • Samsung E170K (Galaxy R Style),
  • Samsung I930 (ATIV Odyssey),
  • Samsung E220 (GALAXY Pop/8GB),
  • Samsung S7272 (Galaxy Ace 3),
  • Samsung S5280 (GALAXY Star)
  • Samsung I9152 (Galaxy Mega 5,8),
  • Samsung i677 (Фокус Flash),
  • Samsung S7710 (Galaxy Xcover 2),
  • Samsung E220 (GALAXY Pop/16GB),
  • Samsung S6012 (Galaxy Music Duos),
  • Samsung S6810 (Galaxy славы),
  • Samsung R830 (Galaxy Axiom),
  • Samsung GALAXY SIII +,
  • Samsung S5301 (Galaxy Pocket Plus),
  • Samsung S6812 (Galaxy славы),
  • Samsung I547 (Galaxy Rugby Pro),
  • Samsung I6282D (Galaxy Core),
  • Samsung M950 (Galaxy Reverb),
  • Samsung I437 (Galaxy Express),
  • Samsung S6312 (GALAXY Молодые Duos),
  • Samsung T699 (Реле 4G Galaxy S),
  • Samsung S6310 (GALAXY Young),
  • Samsung M340S (Galaxy M),
  • Samsung L300 (Galaxy Победы 4G LTE),
  • Samsung I847 (регб**************************************** SMART),
  • Samsung Galaxy SII WiMAX,
  • Samsung S759 (Omnia M),
  • Samsung I577 (Galaxy Exhilarate),
  • Samsung I405 (Galaxy Metrix 4G),
  • Samsung E310S (Mega Galaxy 6.3),
  • Samsung T959 (Очаровывай 4G),
  • Samsung M190S (Galaxy S Hoppin),
  • Samsung I7500U Samsung,
  • Samsung I757 (Galaxy SII Ск****************************************йрокет HD),
  • Samsung Nexus S 4G

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