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  1. Infinity-Box: "ChineseMiracle" v3.21 released
  2. Infinity-Box: "ChineseMiracle" v3.21 released
  3. Infinity-Box: "ChineseMiracle" v3.22 released
  4. Infinity-Box: Updated "Cables/Pinouts" database v1.50 released
  5. Infinity-Box: Philips, ZTE/Movistar, Nexian, Alcatel, Vodafone models
  6. Infinity-Box: Fly, Intex, Nexian, Spice, Verykool models updated
  7. Infinity-Box: Pantech, SFR, Huawei, SkyZen, T-Mobile, Fly, TMN models supported
  8. Infinity-Box: "ChineseMiracle" v3.23 released
  9. How to use BB5 Easy Service Tool by anowar_virus
  10. InfinitySetupMain_v2.19a released
  11. DCT4Plus Unlocker - FREE for all Infinity users from BEST team
  12. Successfully unlocked/repaired phones by Infinity-Box
  13. New Flash File Update !!
  14. INFINITY UPDATE_ CDMA 02 v1.33 rari
  15. 29 Sep 2010: InfinitySetupMain_v2.19a released:
  16. ChineseMiracle v3.24 released:
  17. Huawei G6600 unlock done with infinty
  18. infinity cdma
  19. Infinity-Box: Doro-PhoneEasy-410s model supported and other models
  20. Infinity-Box: Huawei, Alcatel models updated
  21. 19 Jan 2011: Alcatel, Fly, Spice, Coral, Maxx, UTStarcom, BMobile, Zonda, Lanix, Doro
  22. infinity box driver
  23. Infinity-Box: Blu-T300 model supported, more general improvements
  24. Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool v1.53 released - flash read/write and more
  25. If you have a credits for Infinity-Box SL3 server (Infinity-Credits)
  26. "No licensed to produce" solution by Infinity-Box
  27. Infinity BEST v1.24
  28. 15 Aug 2011 MTK Firmware Editor for Infinity Box and LPE dongle v2.06
  29. 3 New Blackberry MEP added to Infinity Web based Blackberry code calculator
  30. Motorola Wx161 Phone Code Successful INFINITY Box