MTK Feature Phone Flash Tool

(Win All 32/64)

Version Description

Release Note :


In this version, the USB Switch Tool has been updated. We can configure the USB Switch Tool.ini [Enable Rescue Mode=true] to switch device to the BROM USB com port. By default, the normal mode is enabled instead of rescue mode.

* MUST update: You must update Flash Tool in order to prevent download error.
* Strongly recommend: We strongly recommend you to update the tool for getting more useful functionality.

New Features:
[MT6250/MT6260] Support Boot ROM USB download if the target flash is secure load.
[MT6260] Support MT6260 EFUSE Write function.

Bug Fix:
[MT6256] Fix the secure USB download fail in MT6256 platform.
[MT6280] Fix download security SW fail to flash.

[MT6280/MT6276M] Improve the USB Switch Tool for reducing the CPU consumption.
[MT6280/MT6276M] USB Switch Tool supports the rescue mode switch by the setting of USB Switch Tool.ini.


[MT6252,MT6250] Provide the download function if the load setting is 128Kb virtual block.
Bug Fix:
[SV3 c****] Fix the bug about closing COM port delayed caused from abnormal protocol between PC side and target side
[MT6250] Provide the OTP function for dual serial flash platform, but tool only support to write the OTP region on the first flash.
[SV3 NOR Platform] Fix the partial download tool checking rule. User may encounter download fail if you only choose ROM file to download.
[MT6276] Fix Restore fail in the Backup/Download/Restore flow via UART cable


[MT6250] Support new platform MT6250 Download function

Bug Fix:
[All C****][BROM DLL] Fix the bug about auto-load MAUI bin function. User may encounter the error messages "Access violation at address 0x01234567 in module BROM. DLL. Read of address 0x0000000” showed when user is executing Flash Tool.exe.
[MT6252/MT6251][DA] Fix the bug about boot loader usb download fail in Giga Device memory.

[MT6276/MT6255][DA] Enhance the NFI v3 driver control for preventing the potential download problem.
[All c****][BROM DLL] Add padding character if the remote file is odd characters in the remote file callback function.


[MT6256/MT6255] Support Download Without Battery Feature. User does n\'t need battery for download stage. At first, user need to choose "USB Download Without Battery" in the UI options. Then only plug-in usb cable and press KCOL0 to trigger Boot ROM USB download.
[SV5 NAND project] Support EXT-Bootloader self-update feature. This feature allow user to update EXT-bootloader in Boot-loader USB download flow.
[SV3 NOR project] Support Boot Certificate V2 feature.

Bug Fix:
[MT6276/MT6276M] Fix download fail issue caused from bad block management. The symptom is download fail error and the progress bar is stopped at 85%.
[MT6255 SPASION ADUMUX] Tool shows download fail at 65% progress.
Because tool costs a lot of time to wait SPASION flash program and erase, PC side and Target side hand-share mechanism is insufficient that PC side timeout and report the download fail.

[SV3 NAND project] Check resource version instead of project ID between MAUI ROM and MBA resource ROM, if MAUI ROM contain resource version.


[SV5 NAND project] Solve the remark bad block defect happened in the NAND flash that the page size is 512B.
[MT6256] Fix the UART download fail in MT6256 ECO platform

[SV3 NAND project] Support to download boot loader which the size is bigger than two physical block size.


[MT6255] Support to download the new platform MT6255

[SV5 NAND project] Support to write raw data to MAUI Control Block Region(CBR).


[UI] When user develop the Flash Tool UI, you may need environment by clicking TFT Gauge_setting.bat under Flash Tool UI source code setting if you encounter this error message.
"Class TFT Gauge not found. Ignore the error and continue? NOTE: Ignoring the error may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost.”

[DA] DA always force erase for the Micron serial flash in the erase operation.

Support Memory:
Add new flash: SF_GD25LQ128 and NAND_FM61D1G12A_5BGE


[SV5 Platform] Support customer parameter feature which download customized binary in CBR region.
[MT6252, MT6251] Support WIN-BOND OTP function
1) There are four security register banks(OTP) in WINBOND flash. The bank0 is Reserved by Win-bond for future use. We only use bank1~bank3. One banks size is 0x100. User could directly use 0x0 to 0x300 address that the flash tool driver will direct these address from bank1 to bank3
2) The WIN-BOND flash unique feature is the security register banks are not One-Time-Program. That could be erase by specific command. In order to prevent format these regions, user must use "Lock" these regions in order to prevent data changed in security banks.

Bug fixes:
[MT6276] Fix the bug about Create CBR fail caused from bad block management method

[SV3 Platform] MMAA support 4 flash ID comparison.
Memory support:
Add new serial flash: SF_N25W064A11EF640F, SF_MX25U12835FZNI_10G and SF_MX25L12835EMI_10G.
Note: SV5 Platform: MT6251, MT6276. SV3 platform: other c****


1. [MT6276/MT6251/MT6276M][BROM DLL] Support access remote file path by customized callback function which setup in DL_Set Callback(). Please reference the slides: Flash tool-Remote download customization guide.ppt

Bug fixes:
1. [MT6235/MT6268] [DA] Fix the memory test bug about ram pattern test fail due to the wrong address setting
2. [MT6253/MT6238/MT6223/MT6921][BROM DLL][UI]Fix display the wrong progress bar (per-format progress) in download MAUI stage. Because NOR platform doesn’t need to per-format flash before download MAUI.The pre-forma process only be happened in serial-flash platform.
Structure modification:
Add pre-format callback function in Flash Tool_Download_Arg, FLASH TOOL_DOWNLOAD_ARG structure.
Delete setup progress color callback function in Flash Tool_Download_Arg, FLASH TOOL_DOWNLOAD_ARG structure.
3. [MT6276/MT6251/MT6276M][BROM DLL] Fix display the wrong progress bar (download MAUI progress) in download boot loader stage. Change the color of progress bar from blue to purple.
4. [MT6276M][META DLL] Fix the bug about popping wrong error message when user use "Upload" function.
Memory support:
Support new Serial flash memories: SF_GD25LQ64
Version Description


1. [META DLL] Fix a bug regarding the "Restore Only" function
2. [META DLL] Support force to write file if the file already exist on the target
3. [BROM DLL] Fix the BROM DLL link error if users use the following API: Brom_StartCmd_Ex, Brom_Connect_Ex and Flash Tool_Format_Ex
4. [BROM DLL] Fix the bug that user cannot load the MAUI load while the local directory path is too long
5. [UI] Display the real progress bar when users upload files
6. [DA] Fix the PCT serial flash geometry


Memory support:


1. Flash Tool support the new chip: MT6276M Data Card and MT6921

Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Fix an issue regarding the secure usb download which formats the last block when flash toolcfg is enabled
2. [UI] Fix the "UNKNOWN" bins error message when users re-start Flash Tool
3. [UI] Enable the DUAL_MAC_DSP_BL when user chooses any of the boot loaders.
4. [DA] Fix the boot loader USB download error in WIN BOUND flash


Memory support:


1. Support MXIC serial flash OTP mechanism
2. Support MT6276 FOTA feature
3. Support MT6251 Root Certificate mechanism

Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Support MT6251 partial download for MBA project
2. [DA] Fix NOR AMD OTP bug which caused program fail
3. [DA] Fix recovery range error which caused partial download fail
4. [DA] Fix MT6236 Memory Test

1. [Flash Tool] Support to allocate MAUI bins in 4KB boundary address
2. [Flash Tool] MT6276/MT6251 support format FAT via S-USBDL

Memory support:
1. [Flash Tool] Support MT6251/MT6252 PCT serial flas

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