he article is to show you how the best Wondershare Mobilego for Android works by transferring contacts from outlook to Android phone, like syncing microsoft outlook 2010 contacts data to Android in a simple, safe and quick way.

For those who just purchase a new Android phone, a troublesome matter is how to copy phone numbers or contacts from Outlook to the new Android phone. If you edit contacts one by one, it will make you crazy. Also, SIM card is not a wise choice, because contacts are usually more than a SIM card can hold. The most advisable way, therefore, is to sync microsoft outlook contacts to Android phone by a professional [Only registered & active users can see links.] Register or Log In.

How to transfer or sync Outlook to Android Phone?

Some HTC devices is specially designed Microsoft Outlook and Windows Address Book-syncing program – HTC Sync 3.0 which can syncs contacts and calendars from Outlook to Android HTC devices, like EVO 4G. While the HTC Sync 3.0 just works with some latest new HTC phones instead of all HTC phones.

Actually, it is not easy for many Android phones to sync contacts from Outlook to Android. Then the professional Outlook to Android program – Wondershare MobileGo for Android may be a good choice for you, which enable you to transfer microsoft outlook contacts to Android, sync outlook 2010 to android in a simple, safe and quick way.

Simple steps to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android:

Step 1: Set up your Android phone
Step 2: Import Outlook contacts

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