Hope all is Well

From long Time Its a Big problem For User !

but now you can Solved it by Easy Step

but besure that both phones chip id same

like mtk 6252 phones need another mtk 6252 phone NV file
for mtk 6253 phones need another mtk 6253 phone NV file
for mtk 6252A phones need another mtk 6252A phone NV file
no meter which Project id inside the phone no problem if project id not match with one another ,
if you face any problem in 45% are show Some msgs on Phone Then disconnect phone and check phone after that will be ready for work

i Test This Method With a lot of Phones
also Many User Test this method too
but still Many User have no idea About this
Then why I share with details
So let Start the work Again ,
Hope this method Will Help my Lover,s
Need Some Test Report
So this Thread Just for Test report others off topic Posts Will be Removed !!!