Gsmhabour UFC Supreme is a kind of FBUS cable fixture that can replace flashing/unlocking ,repairing .Powered by Gsmharbour Electronics ,this can be usd in all nokia serials (DCT 4,WD2,BB5)

Why still are we using UFC5 ?

There are new models coming out everyday without your calculating .and at times USB flashing mode maybe a failure,in this case ,FBUS cables are needed .However, you are going to wait the new fbus cables .

In order to slove this ,our new products-GSMharbour ufc supreme comes out .it is compatible with JAF ,UFS,ATF ,MX BOX ...what is more ,with our special adpater ,it works with CYCLONE !!!

Package contains : mainboard together in the ufc,with 19 jtags universal rj 48 cable, Compatible with ATF, MX BOX ,JAF ,UFS-HWK ,MT BOX ,UNVIERSAL AND UFS PIN OUTS .
3.CyCLONE special cable (for your choice)

Feature :
1. It is compatible with JAF ,UFS ,MT BOX ,CYCLONE,ATF . supports all the nokia models which can be used with fbus cable ,test pins are at good quality and works fast .
3. first time in world ,it contains power short-circuit protection ,the sound and flash lights can warn you of this to protect yor mobiles and boxes . is more stable for flashing and unlocking while it has a
5V USB power compensation current.