As Salaamu Alaykum.

A reminder to all those people that visit this section the true purpose and reason for this section.

Islamic Knowledge:

The purpose of this section is for new Muslims to pick up knowledge and information regarding Islam.

This section should be kept clear from points in which there is major Ikhtilaaf (difference of opinion) or matters that may cause confusion to those people who are still at a lower understanding of the religion


Threads can be posted as sources of information that may be beneficial to New-Muslims in this section. Any articles or findings that will clarify necessary points of Islam.

Points to keep in mind.

The purpose of this section is to give up simple and useful information for New Muslims and members that are at are just beginning to understand Islam. Therefore, it is recommended that members do not confuse the reader with "side subjects" and information that is not relevant to their enquiry.

Furthermore, excessive provision of Daleels (proofs) should be kept to a minimum unless asked for. A simple reference to the Qur'an, Hadeeth or Fiqh books should be more appropriate.

In conclusion, please remember that this section is for those of us who do not hold a great deal of in-depth knowledge of Islam. Many of us will take granted what they read here, so if in doubt, please leave it out.

I hope this section becomes a source of guiding our brothers and sisters towards worshipping Allah in the right and correct manner. Aameen.