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    Completely Remove iCloud Account [Video Tutorial]

    This Method for FULLY remove icloud account and Restore or erase your iphone it has extra steps please read the steps

    First i don't Take Credits for any of this and i didn't looked it up who found it first Diamond or iclarified or who ever

    am just posting how to after i tested the following steps

    Please notice that Phone must be WORKING

    Here's how it works:

    1. Navigate to iCloud in Settings.

    2. Select your account.

    3. Change the password to an incorrect one then tap Done.

    4. Tap OK when warned that it is the wrong password. Then tap Cancel.

    5. Reselect your account.

    6. Empty the description field and then press Done.

    After following those steps, Find My iPhone is disabled. but you still can't restore it or Erase ,Wipe it

    please notice after this if you wipe or restore you still will be asked to enter icloud account

    ERROR: If you can see this, then [Only registered & active users can see links.] Register or Log In is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    -Now Delete Account and Your phone is icloud free

    -Add Your iCloud Account (of course you know the password )

    -Disable Find my iPhone normally
    -Delete iCloud Account (This is very very important if You Don't phone will ask for linked icloud when activating i will upload video later

    -Now Your Phone is ready for restore and wipe

    here's Video i made it myself

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