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is out! as expected in the news package proposed by Apple during the 1st day of the WWDC 2013 the new OS shown itself.
Apple had again to think and push his team members over the limits to get it ready for today and get the positive feedback needed to take again the distance from android.
Innovation was the main theme in the convept list for this new iOS7, called by Dan Moren "The biggest change in iOS since the introduction of the iPhone"

Some points been highligther during the public intruduction today:

More info in the Weather app. Slight animations in the background

Calendar's redesigned

Multiple plages of folders.

Full-screen edge-to-edge photos in Mail

Swipe down from top for Notification Center: Can see all or missed notifications, and a "Today" view which shows you weather, calendar, stocks, and even a quick look at tomorrow.

Comprehensive end-to-end redesign: It's like getting an entirely new phone

Control Center. So simple, and yet so essential with switches you want to get to. Swipe up from the bottom of device, you can Settings (including Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and brightness, media controls, and soon.
Now multitasking for all apps in iOS 7 With great battery life : If you have an app you're using throughout the day, iOS will notice the pattern of use and will provide that app with frequent power to do stuff in the background. If it notices you use an app only a couple times a day, it'll prep it beforehand.

Opportunistic updates. When the user powers up their phone, it'll update apps in the background. It also detects network situation, and it batchs updates when you fire up an app.

The easiest way to share with the people right around you: Bring up the share sheet, and friends around you show up right thtere. Tap on one and they'll get a panel on their display where they can accept what you're sharing. Sharing with multiple people, just tap them. "No need to wander around the room, bumping your phone."

Peer to peer Wi-Fi and securely encrypted. Supported on the iPhone 5, fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod touch

The camera: four cameras in one. Swipe from photo camera to video camera to square camera, to panorama.

Live photo filters : Using metadata, Photos can organize them into "moments." Automatically organizes your pictures depending on when and where you took them.

Siri has gorgeous new interface. Sound wave across the bottom and new results panel and new voice, male or female. Now you can say "Play my last voicemail" or "Turn on Bluetooth" or "Increase my brightness"

Music app in iOS 7, is for Dan Moren beyond a doubt the "best music player Apple have ever done".
Beautiful artist images right in your library. Tap an artist and you see songs; not just the songs on your device, all the purchased songs in your library. Not just you purchased music. In video apps you can all of your movies and TV shows right from iCloud right in your library

10 amazing features in iOS 7, and comprehensive end-to-end redesign. And of course, all on iPad as well

More on iOS 7 than time. Now, you can do audio-only FaceTime. Notification sync; dismiss a notification on one, and they go away on all.

Activation lock : Hundreds of millions use Find My iPhone to find their phone, but also when it's been stolen - Now, with activation lock, if a thief tries to turn off Find My iPhone or wipe the device entirely, they won't be able to reactivate it unless they have your Apple ID and password.

Major release for developers as well : Over 1500 APIs, iBeacons for Bluetooth LE micro-location.

And Again the question : what do you think about?