Supported smartphone:

Nokia 1 (Frontier)
Nokia 2 (Dynamo)
Nokia 3 (Essential)
Nokia 3.1 (Essential2)
Nokia 5 (Core)
Nokia 6 (Plate)
Nokia 6.1 (Plate2 2018)
Nokia 7 (Charm)
Nokia 7 Plus (Onyx)
Nokia 8 (Avenger Sirocco)
Nokia 8 (Bang)
Nokia X6 (Dragon)

Sharp Aquos S2 , FS8010
Sharp Aquos S2 PLUS , FS8016
Sharp Aquos S3Mini , FS8018
Sharp Aquos Z3 , FS8009

Supported functions:

Flashing of original .NB0 files or original unpacked .NB0
!!! make sure you using proper firmwares for your phone model !!!

Service operation (repair IMEI/MAC/BT) Warning ! Phone must be in working state, IMEI should be in place

FRP reset

Bootloader unlock signature generation (also available remote bootloader unlock for customers via IMEI and serial!)
!!! make sure you double check IMEI and SERIAL NUMBER BEFORE REQUEST !!!
Nokia 8 Sirocco bootloader unlock signature is disabled until i'm get phone in hands and check bootloader unlock myself

SimUnlock by IMEI!
Just fill IMEI and press "SIM UNLOCK" button, then enter calculated code, if server will be able to calculate it for you.
Please note, that phone must be working and ask unlock code, as we will not return credits for unlock code calculation.

All operations ( flash, repair IMEI/MAC/BT, FRP reset, bootloader unlock ) work without testpoint! ( no need open and damage new phone! ).


10 credit for flashing ( credits only consumed once,then you can flash or repair IMEI/MAC/BT same phone as many times as you want )
10 credit for repair IMEI/MAC/BT ( credits only consumed once,then you can repair IMEI/MAC/BT or flash same phone as many times as you want )
10 credit for bootloader unlock generation - charged EACH time, even for SAME data
30 credit for sim unlock code generation, only allowed for accounts with at least initial 200 credits

notice, that you MUST have positive credit balance in order to service phone, which was previously flashed/serviced.


you can download firmwares and current NTool version from [Only registered & active users can see links.] Register or Log In