- TATA Olive V-C2330 Unlock/Flash/Blink Repair (Haier Tab) - World First
- ZTE S188 Flash/Unlock (Fastest! in 1 second only Unlock
- ZTE S160 Reliance Version Unlock/Flash/MEID Write
- Samsung B379 Unlock/Flash/Rebuild/Repair MEID
- Improved ZTE D286 Flashing Procedure (LAVA Tab)
- Removed ZTE D286 from ZTE Tab to avoid confusion
- Added New Flash Chip to Internal Database
- Fixed Rare Flashing Bug in Samsung

Other Features:
Identify CPU (Tools Page) - Exclusive
This option lets you identify CPU inside a Phone. Some users are facing issue with cheap refurbished CDMA phones imported from China. These phones are not certain to have a specific CPU. For example, S160 may contain both QSC1100 and QSC6010 in some pcs. So before cross flashing with other firmware, you can identify its CPU to avoid having Dead Phones.
Diagnostic Terminal (Tools Page)
You can play with QC Commands with this tool. CRC is calculated on the fly. Usefull to advance users. Please note, that you have to send command in HEX mode, multiple of two characters.

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