Introducing the Official ATF Nitro SD Reader.

The ATF Nitro SD Reader enables Micro SD Card Brute-Force and

Factory Formatting Functionalities for ALL ATF Boxes without
Micro SD Card Ports. It also works on the Original ATF Chrome Box.


Ultra-Fast Communication Speed (upto 25 Mhz for Hi-Speed Capable Cards).
Fastest Brute-Force Speed with Intelligent Card Speed Threshold Adjustment.
First and ONLY Device in the GSM Industry that can retrieve SD Card Passwords without FORMAT.


Compatible with ATF Lightning, ATF Nitro and ATF Chrome Boxes with LogiCore 10.3.12 or Higher.
Compatible with ALL Micro SD Card Brands that conform or don't conform to the SD Standards.
Compatible with ALL Micro SD Card Capacities (Tested upto 128 GigaBytes).

Flashing Updates:

--> Added Support for Newer Mass Memory Content Files
--> Only Scans Existing VALID Directories for Flash Files
--> Skips MEEGO/MAEMO Flash File Intensive Pre-Parsing

Other Updates:

--> Custom PM Erase Section and Sub Field (For Expert Use Only)
--> Support for ATF Nitro SD Card Reader for SD Card BF and Factory Formatting
--> Added New Phones inside Nokia.ini

Bug Fixes:

--> Fixed AUTO-ADL Flashing Selection on LIVE RAPIDO Phones
--> Fixed Incorrect SP Lock/Open Status on One Specific Service Provider
--> Fixed USB "ULTRA SLOW" Mass Memory Flashing for Built-In EMMC Chip
--> Fixed Some Wrong Entries inside Nokia.ini

ATF v8.90 Nitro SD Update!! Public Discussion Thread: HERE...

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