Introducing The ATF Simlock Recovery Module v1.0


In the past, when a dead Nokia BB5 SL3 Phone comes to your shop, it was only
possible for you to backup the IMEI via a Backup RPL Function. There was no
way for you to backup a possibly 100% working SIMLOCK inside the phone because
you needed Local/Test Mode in order to get the PM Backups. Dead Phones cannot
give you Local/Test Mode at all, so you cannot backup the Simlocks even if you
wanted to.
Now here comes the Solution... The ATF Simlock Recovery Module v1.0 will allow
you to BACKUP SIMLOCKS from a DEAD PHONE! Just a 1-click solution for Recovery
Level 1 and Level 2 for NON-CORRUPTED SIMLOCKS on a DEAD PHONE.
Even if your phone SIMLOCKS are CORRUPTED, The ATF Network can still attempt to
perform a Level 3 Recovery from it, but it will cost you some ATF SL3 Credits.

Here is a Short Description about the three Simlock Recovery Levels:

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