Advance Turbo Flasher v10.00

Release Date: July 25, 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.70

ATF JTAG Official Launch (Requires 1 time Activation)

Activation Cost $39 for one box


ATF JTAG Initial Phone Support List (All Lumia WP8 Released Phones):

Lumia 928 RM-860
Lumia 925 RM-910
Lumia 925 RM-893
Lumia 925 RM-892
Lumia 920T RM-867
Lumia 920 RM-822
Lumia 920 RM-821
Lumia 920 RM-820
Lumia 820 RM-826
Lumia 820 RM-825
Lumia 820 RM-824
Lumia 720T RM-887
Lumia 720 RM-885
Lumia 620 RM-846
Lumia 521 RM-917
Lumia 520T RM-913
Lumia 520 RM-915
Lumia 520 RM-914

Main ATF JTAG Software Features:

* Cheap 1 time Activation Cost with NO additional Hardware Purchase needed
* Super Easy Nokia WP8 JTAG JIGS Already Available
* Super Easy Interface... Simple and Effective
* Clear JTAG Pinouts Viewer
* Fast JTAG Connection (480 Mbps USB via ATF Box)
* Fully Customizable Software GUI Language (Create your own Language File)
* Repair any "DEAD BOOT" Lumia WP8 Phone
* "QUICK FIX" Option - For Dead phones via Flashing
* "FULL BOOT" Option - For Dead phones via eMMC Boot Corruption

[eMMC Tool 2.0 Lite]

Introducing eMMC Tool 2.0 Lite under "ATF Plus"

* eMMC Read Speed increased 800% Faster
* Supports Samsung Exynos 4 CPU with just 4 wires to solder (LIVE PHONE ONLY for NOW)
* Supports Snapdragon CPU with just 4 wires to solder
* Supports Reading and Writing to USER AREA, BOOT1, BOOT2, RPMB, GP1, GP2, GP3 or GP4 Partition
* NON Encrypted READ/WRITE Functions

[New ATF Box Firmware]

Introducing LogiCore 10.3.70

* Enhanced eMMC Reading Speeds up to 1.85 MBPS @ 15.00 Mhz
* 1 GB Dump = 7-8 minutes
* TP Unlocks WP7 (710 and 800) in less than 30 seconds for any eMMC Brand
* Fixed Toshiba and new Hynix ack delay issues
* Improved SD Card BF Speed
* Enabled SPI Flash Direct Programming
* Improved FBUS DDR + 2TX Speed now up to 18.00 Mhz

[Infineon XG213]

* Automatically Reads RPL in Plain Binary Format on every Flash Boot
* Automatically Reads PM in Plain Binary Format on every Flash Boot
* Automatically Reads Security Code on every Flash Boot (No need Local Mode)
* Added New Loaders for all released XG213 Models


* Improved Flashing to accommodate SUPER big Verizon Flash Files
* Added Latest Variant Listing as of July 25, 2013


* Greatly Improved TP Unlock Speed and Patch Firmware Checking
* Fixed Problem on Toshiba and new Hynix Unlock Problem on ATF Chrome Box
* Added Latest Variant Listing as of July 25, 2013


* Removed Phone Firmware Checking if Selected in Settings the option:
"Skip Firmware Version Checking on BB5 Phones before Flashing"


* Fixed DCT4 RPL via Server Problem "You do not have free credits..."

What More to Expect ???

1. Separate EXE for eMMC Tool 2.0 to be released soon...

2. Add other phone brands for ATF JTAG Support ?

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