Hi to all! New BOMB Update for Cyclone Box is ready Again!!

What's new ??
- Added support for unlock by LBF read for latest XGold113 Nokia Phones, this is Nokia 100, 101, 102, again WORLD FIRST
- Latest XGold110/113 phones is also supported to full RPL Read (IMEI + Simlock), so afterwards Simlock or IMEI could be fully restored - world's first too... Using RPL method also Keypad/FBUS counter might be resetted.
- Added support for Profile Bits analyze upon LBF dump for XGold1xx, so phones which will not accept code via neither keypad or FBUS handler - Log file will not be readen
- Minor changes and bugfixes

How to update?
1. Run Cyclone Box Software, and autoupdate module will download necessary files. On failure, you can download new exe manually from http://www.karwos.hk/updater/Cyclone.exe and place it at C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box
2. Also Firmware v01.85 is Required. Update your box via Box Maintenance, or just agree upon first Nokia Tool launch.

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Best Regards,
Cyclone Box Team
More to come...