EasyJTAG Suite Version

Small update special for india customers

- Samsung CDMA SCH-B209 (Read/Write)
- Samsung CDMA SCH-B339 (Read/Write)
- Samsung CDMA SCH-B239 (Read/Write)
- Samsung CDMA SCH-B179 (Read/Write)
- LG CDMA RD3000 (Read/Write)
- LG CDMA RD3500 (Read/Write)
- LG CDMA RD3510 (Read/Write)
- LG CDMA RD3530 (Read/Write)

thanks to elcotec.

P.S. more and more and more updates on the way hot and exclusive

EasyJtag Suite ver. started.
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Initialising: Generic QSC60XX Config ver.:1.00
I/O Level set to : 2600 mV
Box S/N: 0707FE1EC7DBE0BF ,FW Ver.: 01.44
Connecting to Target...
JTAG device: QSC60XX
CPU IDCODE : 0x200B10E1 Mfg.: 0x070, Part: 0x00b1, Ver.: 0x2
CPU Manufacturer: QUALCOMM , CPU Name: QSC6010
Halting CPU...
Initialize hardware...
Starting target communication...
Detecting fastnor memory parameters of bank (0) ...
NOR Flash #0 : FlashID : 0x0020/0x8810
Writing memory from file...C:\CDMA.bin
NOR Write OK! Elpsed time: 163.399414s (50.135 KiB/s) < speed of flashing