Reading original codes from FIS based navigations

We are glad to present:
RCD AMS V0.0.8.5 - FIS original codes reading

From now, you are able to read out all original codes from all units based on FIS modules:
- MCD, MFD, MFD2, RNS, RNS2 and many others).
- No matter 4 or 5 digits code, no matter 24c16 or 24c32.
- Reset Counter is available on some versions

Procedure is simply: find your pcb version, connect wires, read info - get code.
Detailed informations how to connect are build in tool - just choose model or type FIS in search.

Update is FREE for every RCD Tools owners.

Support section for FIS units:

How to get it? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe for autoupdate.

Best Regards

Martech Team
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