RCD AMS - RNS 510 original code finder

Latest version brings HOT update for all RNS 510 units, from now you can:
- find original navigation code within few minutes
- works on all versions, even the latest ones

How it works?
- run tool, turn radio ON, connect RNS510 cable to the unit and clip, wait 2 minutes on splash screen (let it ask for code)
- in menu, choose Search PIN code and Run Command

If you want to search in custom range:
- put 0..XXXX (where XXXX is you end digit) in field and run command
- for example if you want to seek code in range 0000-1999, put 0..1999 and run command
- if you want to seek whole area (0000-9999) then just run command, leave field blank

How to update? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

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