BEST 1.37 Xgold 213 Unlock Supported!

- Added log reading for Infineon XG213 phones
- Free and standalone

Supported models:

Asha 200 RM-761
Asha 200 RM-762
C1-01 RM-607
C1-01 RM-608
C1-02 RM-643
C1-02 RM-644
C2-00 RM-704
C2-02 RM-692
C2-02 RM-693
C2-05 RM-724
C2-05 RM-725
C2-03 RM-702
C2-06 RM-702
C2-07 RM-692
C2-08 RM-702
X2-02 RM-694
X2-05 RM-772

- Ini updated. Added new models and corrected existing - Some small bugfixes at all