Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.51 - LG Bello, D-Series and more models

>> Enabled support for the next LG devices:
D100, D100AR/F/G/J
D105, D105F
D213, D213AR/C/F/N/T
H500, H500F/G/T

Supported features:
Read full info (with extended info)
Factory FW Read / Write
FlashDump Read / Write
NVRAM Read / Write
Security Read / Write
UserLocks Reset (Include LG "Knock Code") without data lost
PatternLock Reading
HW test - RAM, eMMC, Battery
Security repair - IMEI1, IMEI2, BTMAC, WiFiMAC
SP Unlock (Code Reading)
Format FileSystem
Repair ExtData
Flash Erase
Fix Unknown BaseBand
Init Preloader
Memory Repartition
Forensic: PhoneBook extraction
Forensic: User Gallery (Photo / Video) extraction

>> New features for already supported models:
E440, E440F/G/J
E450, E450B/F/G/J
E455, E455F/G
E460, E460F

Supported features:
Enabled Read and Write Factory Firmware !

* Info: On some devices possible get stuck at boot logo
* Info: Enough make "Format FS" operation on WIPE mode (second option) to fix that

>> FW Read Engine Revised
Brand-Specific improvements for Infocus, Wiko, LG and some other brands.
Files verification improved

>> UserData
Feature Phones: MT625A, MT6260, MT6261: PhoneBook reading engine updated
* Now support ALL SRS (Single Record Structure) phones in AutoDetection mode
* Support up to 2000 phonebook entries extraction (max count for Feature Phones)

>> Other
Flash ID database updated
Some experimental features enabled
Some bugfixes and improvements

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