BEST v1.49 : XG213 Repair, SL3 Recovery and more

DISCUSSION HERE: 17 August 2012 : BEST v1.49 : XG213 Repair, SL3 Recovery and more - Dhaka Mobile Bangladesh

- USB flashing improved
- (BB5) AfterFlash operations improved

- Service operations improved
- Added One-click SECURITY repair for XG213 phones!
- Added Unlock codes extraction from locked dead phones on Restore SL!

- SL3 simlock extraction improved
sl: Added support for new types
sl: Improved SimLock validation during recovery
sl: Added Unlock codes extraction from dead phones
sl: Improved detection for locked phones
sl: Improved SimLock extraction from locked phones for SL3/SL30
sl: Improved SPR reading
sl: Override SL detection improved
- Read RPL for XG213 improved ( for Asha 3xx series )
- Improved easy RPL Write/Read for XG213
- Fixed errors/hang/phone reboots on PM read for XG213 phones
- PP repair improved for XG213 phones
- User data operations improved
- Added support for new-type XG213 phones (Asha 305, 306 and same)
XGnew: Phonebook backup/extract/write
XGnew: LifeTimer edit
XGnew: Gallery backup
XGnew: SMS read/write/extract

- Other
- INI revised, added new models
- Stuff files updated (PP/Tune/HWC/Wipe)
- LBF comand files create fixed for latest OCLHashCat versions
- New WP7 products added (RM-849)
- Some bugfixes