by SEtool team

Version 2.22 released!

New version highlights:
Improved Alcatel codes calculator
Added over 100 Gigs of firmware to support site

by SEtool team

New version released!

New version highlights:
Added over 40 new Android firmwares for fast direct unlock!
Added support for Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 8.0, Tab 3 and other hot models!


New for LGTOOL remote services:

LG D801, D802T - world's first!

- calculate unlock codes

New for SGTOOL direct services:

Samsung I8260, I8262, S6310, S6310M, S6312, S6313, S7500, S7500L, T959P (no root!)

- Code Reading
- Direct Unlock

Samsung I9500, N5100, S5301, S5303, S5310 (need root)

- Direct Unlock
- Imei Repair

Samsung S5312, S5312L (need root)

- Direct Unlock
- Imei Repair
- Imei 2 Repair

Samsung SM-T311

- Direct Unlock

Other changes in LGtool, SGtool and remote services:

- Added Android Pattern / User Pin / Password bypass on 4.xx versions over USB
- Support for new QMI security for Samsing S7560/S7562
- Updated Samsing NVM repair files
- Auto repair Factory mode screen on Samsing direct unlock
- Added over 40 new Android firmwares for Samsing fast direct unlock
- LG IMEI calc algo improved
- Alcatel IMEI calc algo improved

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Since v. 2.0 new license system for activated users is added. Please do not install LGtool 2.xx until you purchase LGtool license (paid activation).
New users should install v.1.99 first to register smart card.