Hard Master Reset
Mostly Hard Reset is important when it comes on phone password issue and software problem of the phone.


  • Off the phone and turn on.
  • When ordering the wrong place a key of 4 digits, eg 1234 and give accept
  • Immediately during the presentation of the password error screen, oppress the END key (right button) twice quickly. This will enter the phone in a special way(Home Screen of the phone).
  • Now click the dial pad icon (2nd icon on left side of the screen)
  • type *1673492846 and then press the middle button of the phone key and pressed down and left

Here you will enter a hidden menu of the phone (Test Mode)

Now to reset the phone (lost settings, data and programs installed JAVA)

  • Select option 8 (Other)
  • Select option 1 (reset to factory settings)
  • Again Select option 1 (Confirm reset factory setting)