New version of NSS pro is up. What's new:

09 April 2012, v 0.45

- Bug on reading RAPUv21 CPU fixed, should work on Nokia 500
and the like without problems now
- Ability to shutdown the PC from a running client if there is
inactivity for 10 minutes (no jobs on the server), enable from
Tools->Tools, settings box
- Ability to delay Client auto start for 1 minute, usefull if need
time for OS to set, overclocking settings to be applied, etc
- Ability to auto start computers that run Nss in client mode when
a job is loaded on the server(extra files and soldering needed!)


More info on power control:

These days we see the final batches of SL3 phones to filter through
our servers. More and more electricity is wasted while waiting somebody
to upload a phone in this too saturated market. This update of NSS
fixes this problem via combination of SW and HW methods. The idea
is to keep all computers that run Client instances shut down most of the
time. If somebody uploads a job to the server, then a monitor computer
puts all client machines on via external HW. In our case this is an old
Genie device running a simple script and a basic HW interface connected
to the parallel port of the device.

When job is done and no new are waiting, computers will shut down (no
extra HW needed for this function).

Full instructions included in the attached link (schematics, scripts, executables).
More info - check my twitter @bphreaks

Download of NSS 0.45

Hw PC control files