PiranhaboxMost Ferocious Chinese Phones Service Tool

+ What's New

+ Piranhabox: V1.30

* Android Root/wipe/gmail reset Upgrade algorith Support more phones

* SPD fix 8810/6820 correct some error

* SPD 6531C NEW IC Added

* SPD 6531C Read Flash

* SPD 6531C Write Flash

* Mstar Reported Write bug for new flash fixed

* Coolsand Algo Improved write flash

* Improved Android TAB Wipe/ pattern lock Supported Brands Samsung, Huawie , Alcatel and few others brands

* Support server/ Update server moved to ultra high speed servers

* Piranhabox V1.30 Setup Uploaded in Piranhabox Support server ,

* login Software > Press Support access > enter password > Download latest version