RCD AMS V0.0.8.3 - jtag2file & misc units

Latest updates allows users to save to file memory read out by Clip.
Function is prepared for not supported units or different versions.

How to save memory ?
- choose model (for example tms470..48 general 1)
- make read info, in case of incorrect data use "Save Dump" button
- send packed binary file to shop@martech.pl for future updates

New units supported in tool, available for RCD users:

- Honda, 2SA1 Bose, CM839RO, 24c01 by Alpine
- Honda, 2SA3 Bose, CM839RB, 24c01 by Alpine
- Honda, 2SF0, CM839RA, 24c01 by Alpine
- Seat, 411 Concert 2+ EU, 7 648 218 366, 3R0 035 186, 95128 by Blaupunkt
- Jaguar, 4X43-18B876-BC, 24c08 by Denso
- Nissan, AGC-0070RF, 28185BH30A, 24c64 by Daewoo
- ANKR101-06, MSN 300003310, 24c32 by Tevion
- CDX-M1000, 24c02 by Sony
- Honda, CQ-EH1871AJ, 39100-TL0-G610-M1, 24c64 by Matsu****a
- Suzuki, Ignis, 39101-86G10, 7643063510, 24c16 by Blaupunkt
- Renault, KEH-M1066, S220 by Pioneer
- VW, Premium IV NB, PU-1667, 93c46 by Clarion

How to update? run martech_rcd_ams.exe or:

Best Regards

Martech Team