Dear Users,
Sigma Software v1.20.02 is out!

Qualcomm tab:

Database of supported firmware versions for Fast Direct Unlock updated with the following versions:

ZTE Smartphones (also Repair IMEI supported):
  • N720 (ZTE-U N720_H3_Z5_SP_TSDCD213B)
  • KIS Lite (P752D01_EUROPEV1.0.0B04)
  • Skate (GB_THU_P743V1.0.0B04)
  • X850 (ECLR_P726USV1.0.0B16)

  • U8850-5 (HUAWSF8X00910091)

  • XT615

Broadcom tab:

Sigma Software will read flash dump for unsupported firmware versions. Please send dump files to support to add these phones in the further updates.

Download Sigma Software v1.20.02