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What you think of samsung Galaxy S2 FREE Unlock Code decrypt

Unlock Steps:
1. Root your phone.
2. Extract your nv_data.bin from /efs/nv_data.bin
3. Look at the file with an hex-editor and goto offset 0x181460 (Ultra Edit, HxD, Hex-Workshop etc)
4. Take the hashes from 0x18146e (20 bytes), 0x18148e, 0x1814ae, 0x1814ce, 0x1814ee
5. If the hash is 7D3E17CFCD816CACD4E025FAA65004FDD17D51F8 ignore it since that is 00000000
6. Enter hash on the website below, and click on Calculate to decrypt your unlockcode.

Unlock Samsung Online - Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Simlock Removal

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