New J.A.U - Update is Ready for you to Install!

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WHATS NEW? (V3.0.8):
1.) ADDED EMPORIA NCK CALC for V35i, V36i, RL1, VL1i, ELEGANCE, ESSENCE, SOLID, V20m, V29 (New FW), V29i (New FW), V170 (New FW), TELME C121, TELME C121 USB, ZTE SP50.
2.) ADDED TELME C121, TELME C121-USB direct Unlock.
3.) ADDED ZTE Android B03 and B04 NCK Calculation.
4.) ADDED Blackberry MEP Calculation and Direct reading from Phone + ADDED more MEPS
With correct password Length for all supported MEP´s.
5.) Big Speed up in flashing and unlocking for Emporia Phones - 75% more speed and stability
6.) Added Credits system for Emporia Code Calculation.
7.) Changed Memo with Richedit, now J.A.U display importent info in bold fonts.
8.) Reprogrammed all Algos in PHP and stored on server.
9.) Many little Changes and Fixes and some changes i dont remeber now ;o)
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