Thread: Z3X Easy-JTAG Update. EasyJTAG Classic Software 3.5 . Added UFS support !!!

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    Z3X Easy-JTAG Update. EasyJTAG Classic Software 3.5 . Added UFS support !!!

    EasyJTAG 2019 Most wanted update, after long and hard work period we present UFS support!

    EasyJTAG Classic Software 3.5 Changes:

    - UFS 2.0/2.1 Memory Chip Identification added (World First USB2.0). *
    - UFS 2.0/2.1 Memory Multi LUN Read/Write/Erase added (World First USB2.0). *
    - UFS 2.0/2.1 Memory Advanced Configuration added (World First USB2.0). *
    - UFS 2.0/2.1 Memory GPT Partitioning Support added (World First USB2.0). *
    - eMMC RPMB Region Status added.
    - eMMC RPMB Key writing added.
    - eMMC RPMB Read without key added.
    - eMMC RPMB Write with key added.
    - Apple NAND Support improved for many devices.
    - NAND Detection Bugs Fixed.
    - Partitions tool menus advanced options.
    - Fixed Support of 4K block devices.
    - Scripting core is improved.

    UFS EASY-JTAG Sockets 3 types:

    BGA UFS153 Socket - more details here
    BGA UFS95 Socket - more details here
    BGA UFS254 Socket - more details here

    Attention: Sockets is protected by DSN ECSDA C**** and only trusted manufacturers
    and sellers bring you high quality tested and verified products.

    Resellers list of socket you can find here

    EasyJTAG Plus Box Firmware 2.38 Changes:

    - UFS Memory Protocol Added ( UFS2.0,UFS2.1,UFS3.0 )
    - UFS Sockets Genuine Verification added.
    - NAND Timing Bugs Fixed
    - I2C Bus Protocol Added
    - Box security improved
    - Many bugs are fixed!

    31 New Devices is added to support!


    - ALCATEL 9001D (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - ASUS ZENFONE 5 T00G (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - BLU STUDIO 7 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - CONDOR PGN-403 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - CONDOR TAB785R-3G (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HUAWEI ASCEND P8 (ALE-CL00) (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HUAWEI MEDIAPAD T2 7.0 LTE (BGO-DL09) (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HUAWEI P8 Lite (PRA-LA1) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG K121L (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - MICROMAX A068 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - MICROMAX Q385 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - MOTOROLA XT1635-02 MOTO Z PLAY (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - MOTOROLA XT1677 MOTO G5 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-A320F (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-G550FY (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-G720N0 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-G903W (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J320VPP (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J327P (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J330F (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J337A (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J400G (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J720M (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J730GM (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-J810F_DS (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-S550TL (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SAMSUNG SM-Z400F (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - SONY E5823 Z5 Compact (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - VIVO 1723 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - YUREKA YU5510A (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - ZTE Z833 (ISP eMMC Pinout)

    P.S. CopyPaster's are welcome ;-)

    More details here

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