- New updated application loader, allows
faster upload of applications to our FTP,
plus improved Genie start up speed of apps
- changed the static ram usage of the
Sedna scheduler, the way all drivers
are executed and other improvements
- Os, copyright and year string to be
displayed by UI
- Removed printing of Free Ram
- The Genie logo will be restored to
Flash after USB Os Update on first boot up
- Major rework on the LCD driver
- Improved stack usage of the main UI task
2.New Genie standalone application: bb5all.exe
- Ability to safely unlock all bb5 phones PA_SL, PA_SL2 and PA_SL3
- Standalone operation
- Safe – unlock is via code(warranty preserved)
Notes on this App: It is created to replace the 2 years old bb5notp.exe
There are some models not yet supported (PA_SL2, RAPIDO, new PM enc),
to be added in next version. SL3 phones save log file, to be uploaded to
our server for later processing. Some other cool features to be added
in following versions. SL3 hashes – 25xx and 47xx not yet supported also.
Logs will be saved to Files/Nokia in format xxxxxxx.sl3(where x – last 7 digits
of the phone imei). Logs are not yet supported by Remote Tools for upload
3. BB5Notp.exe
The good, old bb5notp.exe is no longer supported. It has done its work
during last 2 years, unlocking hundreds of thousands of bb5 phones.
How to update:
1. Wait 2-3 hours from the time of this post
2. Update your SD card contents to the latest files using the Genie Update
3. Update your OS using USB cable and Remote Tools – 0.34
4. Enjoy
Please if you have devices for update – do not try to update using older
version of the OS ( 0.187 – 0.197), it will result in blue screen. In case you
do this – do not panick, just update your SD card and press Update in Remote