1. S

    iPhone4 china copy bricked Help me get it back, please?

    some detailed from prop in sdcard # begin build properties # autogenerated by
  2. I

    Lava Iris 402 bricked

    Please guys help me out. I was trying to root my Lava Iris 402 and ended up bricking it. Now m stuck on the boot logo or should i say a boot loop. Help me fix it. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Shuvo007

    Micromax A72 Hard Reset Done (No More Bricked Phone To Unlock Pattern)

    Procedure to hard reset your Micromax A72 What you need??? 1) Volcano Box, Miracle or any Box like this (i used Volcano Box). 2) Jig P-05B. 3) Micromax A72 with Pattern Locked. lets start..... open Volcano Box software & goto Mtk tab, tick on read info & click run wait for...
  4. M

    [Guide] Android Samsung M110S Soft Bricked Solution here

    M110S Soft Bricked Solution DOWNLOAD REPAIR KIT then PROCEED Procedure below THEN Flash this LATEST Firmware of M110S SHW-M110SWF07_SHW-M110SWF07_SKT-2.3.6 DONE NOTE: WARNING ! ! ! br [ R ] [ N ] [ C ] [ _ ] [ E ] [ B ] [ M ] [ iPhone4s-5.1.1 - FU / iPhone4-5.1.1 - Globe...
  5. A

    Fix Bricked android smartphones

    Samsung is bricked after installing a rom custom? This software is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac you will be repairing your Samsung. One click Unbrick was developed in Java and allowing it to be compatible with all Os. Java software platform that allows you to launch applications...
  6. M

    RIFF JTAG – Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Unbrick/repair bricked boot

    RIFF JTAG – Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Unbrick/repair bricked boot 15.09.2010 Samsung Galaxy S – i9000 unbricking supported Please start JTAG Manager and click “Check for Updates” button. You’ll be notified about new DLL, download it and restart the software. “Samsung_i9000.dll” contains...