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    Anybody has Nokia care suit latest Version?

    Anybody has Nokia care suit latest Version?
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    [NEW] Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0 2012.51.4.4 [NEW] Mediafire Link

    Download Link : Nokia_Care_Suite_PST_5.0_2012.51.4.4.rar Uninstall the older version before install this version. New version of the Nokia Care Suite Product Support Tool 5.0 is available. It provides support for the Nokia Windows Phones (Lumia), the latest S40 series devices and...
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    Nokia Care Suite 5.0 <2012.5.5.5>

    New features in the Care Suite 5.0 Support for new products: RM-808, RM-823 Full feature set enabled for RM-761, RM-762, RM-763, RM781, RM-799, RM-800, RM-813 Recovery instructions with device specific pictures added for RM-803, RM-809 and RM-817 Changes & Error corrections from previous...
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    Will my existing service provider care if I unlock my phone?

    Will my existing service provider care if I unlock my phone? Your current cell phone provider probably would not care if you unlock your mobile phone as long as you do not break your current cellular service contract. That is one of the bizarre things about unlocking your cell phone that...
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    Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Keep your mobile phone running smoothly through extremely simple routine care tips. 1. Water And Phones Dont Mix Dont let your phone get wet. Even slight amounts of water can corrode internal components, causing anything...
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    JAF Customer Care 0.83

    Improvments: - SX4 REAL CALCULATION -fixes on Read/WritePM for Phones with large number of items in PM -progress indicator on uploading data to server on htc module.. Requirements: - its supported only by version 0.83 or higher, don’t use older versions they are obselete - you have to be...