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    Tired of Missing Spare Parts or Out of Stock when customer is in hurry? Use MRCM RMS

    Processing repair orders & billing should be the easiest part of the job. Now it's really that easy. One Software To Manage Entire Repair Business = Repair Service Management = = Inventory Management = = Easy Accounting = = E-Marketing/ SMS Marketing(bulk) = = Simple & Straight Analytic =...
  2. E

    Determine the problem of the customer

    One of the first tasks of the technician is to determine the type of problem that the customer is experiencing. The technician should: Practice active listening skills. Do not interrupt the customer. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying, and let them finish their thought. After...
  3. A

    China 3sims and 4sims flash files can get from here By Azhergoga001 customer !

    3SIM 5130 3SIM 5130.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download G-TIDE G333 g-tide g333.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download HX6300 HX 6300.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download 4SIM MTK N5800 4SIM n5800i 4sim MTK.rar -...
  4. Gsm.Alert™

    how to 1650 unlock for turkish customer info !

    Nokia 1650 simkilit acma yöntemi ! 1-Karwos suite programini acarak platform kismindan DCT4 seciyoruz 2- Attach phone yazan butona tiklayip telefonun okunmasini bekliyoruz 3-Lock yazan buttona tiklayip serverin bize sunacagi dosyayi ``yes ```diyerek farkli kayit ediyoruz 4-sonra...
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    JAF Customer Care 0.83

    Improvments: - SX4 REAL CALCULATION -fixes on Read/WritePM for Phones with large number of items in PM -progress indicator on uploading data to server on htc module.. Requirements: - its supported only by version 0.83 or higher, don’t use older versions they are obselete - you have to be...