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    FAQ - Direct EMMC connect in pictures! Please stop ask again "HOW CONNECT"

    FAQ - DIRECT EMMC connect in pictures!! DONT ASK MORE! HERE SAMPLE OF CONNECTION TO PCB. ===============FAQ============================== Q - If i not have Adapter can i connect to EMMC direct on boart? A - YES. But need use 2 external power...
  2. M

    Apple Wiki And FAQ [info only]

    What "iOS" Means ? Its Stand For Iphone Operating System For More Advanced info IOS What "iPSW"? iPhone Software there's many Arguments about what this word stand for but What You Need to know that ipsw is Extension For Apple Software Update File What "iTunes" Means ? iTunes is Official...
  3. Eve Lie

    F.A.Q. About ATF JTAG and eMMC Module

    F.A.Q. related to ATF JTAG and eMMC Module: Q: What's ATF JTAG Software ? A: ATF JTAG Software is an Add-On for ATF Chrome, Lightning and Nitro Boxes. Q: How can I use ATF JTAG Software with my ATF Chrome, Lightning or Nitro Box ? A: You need to buy Activation in order to use ATF JTAG...
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    ▬ F.A.Q ▬ Fire-Dongle ▬

    Q- What's Fire Dongle? A- Easy to use Support the most important features for mobile-phones even for beginner. Low Prices A must have tool for your services center, with cheap prices you wont regred it. Fast and regular update for HOT solutions. Updates Updates will be delivered to all users...
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    [FAQ] How to work with Android Phones - Wiki

    Working with Android based mobile phones What is android ? Android is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance. It allows developers to write managed code...
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    HTC Phones & HTC Cable FAQ - read here before proceed

    About HTC Write Firmware Q: Does Write Firmware need to create gold card? A: No you don't need a gold card Q: Does Write Firmware need a memory card in phone? A: Yes you need a memory card with enough space on it. Q: What I need to do to Write Firmware? A: Power on the phone with memory...
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    Micro-box LG3G, BB, HTC, SAGEM driver win7 FAQ

    Q: How to Enter Unlock Codes on BlackBerry ? A: How to Enter Unlock Codes on BlackBerry 8700/8700c/8700g/9000 : Note: SIM is REQUIRED to unlock the phone. SIM card can be inactive, doesn’t need to active. After phone is unlocked, remove the battery, insert SIM as desired and re-insert the...
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    What is Mcnpro Box ? F.A.Q All in one Thread (Update 11-11-2011)

    Mcnpro Box F.A.Q All in one Thread: What is Mcnpro box ? McnPro Box is Professional Phone Software Solution, the best software for china mobile . Support all chinese mobile chips such as MTK, ADI/AD, Spreadtrum, Skyworks, TI(Texas Ins), Infineon, AGERE, OM(Philips), Anyka, CDMA etc...
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    [FAQ] How to use Hauwei U Series Android Unlocker

    Correct unlock procedure. 1. Remove microsd card from phone. 2. Check battery level (it's important, without battery phone can't connect to pc) 3, Remove battery from phone fo 5 sec, then replace it back in phone. 4. Connect Phone to usb and put phone in FAST BOOT MODE (make sure it is in...
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    [FAQ] What is the difference between Normal NCK Dongle & NCK Dongle with ACT1?

    Normal NCK Dongle WITHOUT ACT1 (YES with NO ACT1 Activated) Supports: NOW ACT1 models are (cost 20usd) ALL the Above with these extra models: Doro Unlimited calculations - Server Based MicroMax Unlimited calculations - Server Based Pantech Unlimited calculations - Server Based...
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    [F.A.Q.] How to update & use Nckdongle? [Screen shots and Details]

    First download software from here. www.nckdongle.com/NCKDongleSetup.exe 2.install and run software 3.update your card 4.ready to use.
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    || F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions ||

    Basic functions manual The software is divided in a few sections, model selection by searching, or by typing (partial) models name: Once you selected a model, all services for the specific model will be listed: The integrated firmware downloader helps you downloading, managing and...
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    Volcano Box ♛ FAQ ♛

    We wull build here our FAQ and answer them I had delete all chats posts and i will delete all chats in future. this thread is only for question and we will reply you in your post so which post is deleted dont angry on it
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    FAQ - How to activate your account?

    Dear Dhaka Mobile users, Frequently Ask Question for inactive users: Why i cannot access posting in Dhaka Mobile forum? Because may you account is not activated, user activation required must via 'Email Verification' your registered email and email will send to your mail inbox/spam directory...
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    F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

    How to register zZKey Download the UpdateCenter from here Go to the tab *quot;Register New Dongle*quot; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- zz Update Center v0.01b --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    New FAQ for AsanSam

  17. M

    Gsm Finder FAQ And Help Desk :)

    1. What i has do after running setup? Ans: Run Activator , if you has already registered to foll link(User Control Panel) you can directly login with exitsing account then new window will appear click on Check hwid after few seconds Register HWID will appear click on it wait few seconds...
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    Short F.A.Q. about the new BB5 USB flashing update

    There are three ways, if you want flash any BB5 phone by USB 1. Flash by installing original Phoenix package ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You need install original phoenix installer. Phoenix original installers are located at Support...
  19. A

    FAQ - LG Phones.

    Some users have problem when they try to unlock phone or flash phone with Sgold3 Some of problem like : Connecting to KP501 in UART Mode (COM6 ,921600) Please reconnect battery, press and hold power button... Phone found! (MCU:UNKNOWN5) prebooting... Preloader answer failed... BOOT Failed...
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    FAQ: SL-Box

    Q. What is SL-BOX ? A. SL-BOX Means Samsung * LG Box Team. Q. Which Models Support SL-BOX (Samsunng * LG) A. Day by Day as per user need * new mobile launching by Companies we add new models, now present We Support Models Please Check we will update when we released new version * update our...