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    LGQ_1_64SC - LG GD570,P503 and SH810 added.

    LGQ_1_64SC - LG GD570,P503 and SH810 added. New version - LGQ_1_64SC is uploaded at support sites in LG section. - added full support for LG GD570,P503 and SH810.GD570 must be flashed with special patched flash for unlock,IMEI,BT and security repairing. - implemented flashing for...
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    Octopus Box v 1.5.2 - LG GD570, SH490, KU4000, MG161a, MG165a support added!

    Octopus Box v 1.5.2 is out! We have added support for LG SH490, KU4000, MG161a, MG165a, and world's first support for LG GD570! Octopus Box v 1.5.2 Release Notes GD570 – added world's first Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Repair BT Address, Repair Security, Read/Write/Repair NVM...